The Blues Gala

Featuring from the USA the one and only Chris Cain - Guitar/Vocal.

Quote from Joe Bonamassa: 
“I put Chris on my list of under-appreciated guitarists. Phenomenal player! One of the purest tones I've ever heard.”

Chris Cain was the star of the 2004 and 2005 World Blues Revue. A childhood blues star Cain’s first album “Late Night City Blues” shook the blues world. This outstanding debut project - financed on a shoestring - garnered no less than 4 “W.C.Handy” nominations and immediate international exposure.

“The W.C.Handy awards is the blues world equivalent of receiving a Grammy nomination.”

Throughout his career he has carefully set the table for a family reunion between those American cousins – blues and jazz. Cain has evolved into a player of such magnitude that Robben Ford – a legendary musician in his own right – regularly uses Chris Cain as his opening act.

Manawatu’s 'Queen of the Blues' Erna Ferry - vocal & harmonic.

Plus an all-star band featuring:
- Richard Te One - Drums 
- Neil Hannon - Bass 
- Ben Wilcock - Keyboard/Vocal

This is one kick-ass blues show.